SuperX round 2 – Geelong

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So round 1 of the 2009 SuperX Series is in the books, and we are off on round 2. We flew from Launceston to Geelong at the start of the week, and began the track build process. Luckily they are re-doing the turf at the venue so we did not have to lay boards this week….so nice for us. This week we had a dozer to help with the build process, I was pumped! The build of this weeks track went smooth, and the track turned out awesome!! The guys are going to ride it first thing Saturday, and I am anxious to hear the response. I really think they will love it.

This week’s racing is going to be even more exciting than last week’s….if that’s possible. Michael Byrne is going to be in their mixing it up, adding even more talent to the field. I look forward to some great bar-banging action!

Stay tuned to for race updates and pictures!

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