Site Development and Grading

Over the past decade, the Dream Traxx crew have become highly skilled in many facets of earthmoving and land development.

Even though the majority of our work is in planning, design, and creating motocross and supercross facilities, those skills go hand in hand with earthmoving and land development as a whole.

When we begin planning a facility, many factors need to be looked at, and planned for before construction begins. We note the current lay of the land, drainage, elevation changes, soil conditions, etc. All of these are very important aspects of the area we will be working with. This holds true to general site development, land grading, and excavation as well.

So, in our down time, we trade in the triples, tabletops, and whoops, for more ‘flat land’. We can handle any type of earthmoving job thrown our way. From clearing of land, to grading, drainage, and even complete site planning and developing. Whether we are building triples or house pads….we still ‘Make Dirt Look Good’!

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Land Clearing and Grading


Excavating and Drainage


Site Prep


Full Site planning and development