Common Questions

Q: Do you only build for the professional riders?

No! Professional riders only make up a small part of our customers. We build for many amateurs around the country, as well as recreational family riders that just want to have fun.

Q: Will you build a track in my backyard?

We will build a track anywhere, big or small. Small, private tracks are some of our best builds. We love designing these tracks, and even better, love watching the families reactions as they see the completed track! Whether you want a full blown, professional style private training facility, or just a small backyard track for fun weekend riding – we can handle it all!

Q: How much do you charge?

Every track is different. There are so many variables that go into the design and construction of a track, that there is no set price. Some variables that affect job costs are:

* Type/size of track

* Amount of land

* Type of soil on site

* Cleared/has trees

* Own/Rent equipment

We have built small pitbike tracks for as little as a few thousand dollars, and have built complete private and public facilities for over $100,000. If you tell us your budget, we can design and construct the perfect track for you.


Q: Do you build public racetracks/facilites?

Yes. We can be a total turn key operation and create a brand new racetrack/facility from the ground up, or we can just put our ‘Dream Traxx’ spin on your existing facility.

Q: How do I get an estimate?

Typically, we like to do a site visit. This helps us get a clear understanding of the land, soil, and most importantly – rider, we are building for. A site visit is no fee, just the cost of travel expenses. Typically, Jason will fly out and back in one day. During this meeting, we will discuss options, ideas, and get an overall job budget.

If a site visit is just not possible, that is where Google Maps comes handy. Once we have discussed exactly what type of track is wanted, we will get as much information about the land as possible. We will request that you send as many property pictures as possible, as well as an exact address so we can look it up on Google Maps.

Q: Why is your estimate so much higher than other track builders?

We all know the saying compare apples to apples! When we give you an estimate we include every possible job cost that may come to mind….design, construction, equipment, fuel, drainage, travel, etc. Many builders will give you a lower price that does not take all of those factors into mind. We don’t want our customers to have any surprise expenses – so we lay it all out from the beginning. Many times, most of our final invoices come in lower than the projected estimates.